Thursday, February 24, 2011

GCT (Glucose Challenge Test) Results



Glusose Challenge Test (GCT) Results


After 3 hours, I got my Glucose Challenge Test Results and was so happy to see my Glucose reading was only 114.71 mg/dl which is way lower than 140. That was indeed a relief!


When your results are 140 or above, you will most likely be advised to take the Glucose Tolerance Test or GTT in which you will go into a 10-hour fasting and you will also undergo 3 blood extractions in three hours. Urinalysis will also be done thrice in three hours to double-check your Glucose levels.


As someone who feared needles for a long time, i don’t think i would like to go into that hourly blood extraction thing. Thank Heavens, i pass the test with flying colors.


High glucose levels during pregnancy can mean you may develop gestational diabetes and that can also mean higher chances of delivery complications and getting a caesarian delivery as well, and I’m just so, so thankful I passed the screening.

Glucose Challenge Test (GCT)




My tummy is now 2 days short before it turns 12 weeks and today, I went to the laboratory for the 50g oral Glucose Challenge Test or the GCT. My OB said it is to screen for diabetes that can just occur during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, that is.


I just saw a friend’s wall on Facebook the other day and she was talking about 10 hours fasting and 4 blood extraction and 4 urinalysis in four hours. She failed her GCT and has to go further with the GTT or the Glucose Tolerance Test. My oh my. I was praying i won’t go that far.


So when i went to the Lab, they gave me an orange-juice-like Glucose drink, which looked like the Listerine i have at home, and told me to drink everything.  From the looks of it, i was wondering if i won’t be able to vomit everything out, but it just tastes like orange juice, so there was actually no problem with it.


I was also told to just stay at the Lab, not eat anything, and wait for one hour before the blood extraction.


So I did. Dear hubby was eating my favorite McDo French fries but I am determined not to be hard-headed this time. Of course, i don’t want to go to a 10-hr fasting.


Exactly after 1 hour, the med tech took my blood sample. Along with my Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) i will also be tested for HBsAg or screening for Hepatitis B, Anti-HBs, a complete blood count as well as blood typing and urinalysis.


Nervous for the results.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gender Predictor During Pregnancy


I was eagerly checking some things online on how to determine if you are carrying a girl  or a boy even as early as 10 weeks.


One of the old wive’s tales that have been known for years and in fact was considered at a certain time in the past to be widely accepted gender predictor is the fetal heart rate during the first trimester.


Just for the fun of it though, i tried the test and entered the date of the ultrasound as well as the age of gestation, and i smiled when i got this:




So they say that if the fetal heart rate is below 140, you would most probably be having a boy and above that is a girl. Well, let’s just find out in the next few months.


smile* smile*

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Your Baby is Developing Inside You


I love these pregnancy videos on how babies grow inside the tummy. I am on week 10 now and this gave me a good idea of how my baby is forming inside me.


If you are as curious as I am on what the little one looks like week after week, check out these very informative videos:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ahh, Nausea…


At week 6, I already felt nausea kicking in, although it doesn’t hit me every minute of the day. I noticed it peaks in the morning after I get out of bed, at around 10 o’clock noon and around 10 o’clock in the evening.


For several days, I have noticed such pattern and I get to deal with it by drinking hot chocolate in the morning after I get out of bed, eating on time, not getting hungry or too full, going to bed before the clock strikes 10 in the evening and of course, one good ripe mango dipped in salt.


I can only remember two instances that I vomited though. The first time, I was too full, and the second time, I was probably adjusting to my prenatal vitamins.


So now, every time i feel queasy, i just run my hand on my tummy and talk to the little one inside me.



In fact, I always talk to this little one whenever I take my milk, my vitamins, when eating, when working, and in almost everything i do.


Hubby and I have been spending a lot of time talking to the baby everyday. One, because it felt good. Two, it helps remind me that we are having a precious part of the family and I have to take care of myself, and lastly, probably because we have spent too long years talking to each other and talking to another little darling everyday and every night is just a wonderful, new experience.





*photo taken from the internet

Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Pictorial: Ultrasound at 8 Weeks

 01292011738 01292011739

This session bring smiles on my face because hubby was telling the baby while running his hand on my tummy to show her heartbeat for the second pictorial (second ultrasound).


But when we went back for the laboratory, it took us more than 2 hours for the wait and hubby began to have his episodes of impatience.


When the sonologist came in to the ultrasound room, he had smiles on his face. He told me he remembered me from the last two weeks.


When he finally saw the first few images of the baby, he excitedly told me there is already a heartbeat. He then showed me the monitor and indeed, it was a joy to hear such a strong heartbeat. It registered at 163 beats per minute.




I could not define the feeling. In fact, when i went out of the room, the smile on my face never faded and it was something that made hubby felt relieved.


The results were ok. No subchorionic abnormalities seen, cervix is closed, cardiac activity was there and the baby is now at 1.7cm from crown to rump – just right on the normal range at 8 weeks.


What a wonderful 5th wedding anniversary gift for us! Thank you dear God!





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