Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Infertility Consultant?

After years of battling infertility, I was and am happy that I could no longer consider myself an infertile. Yes, at one time, I am – but I was not an unhappy infertile. I longed for a child but I was also open to accepting whatever God wills for me.


So now, I got over the ‘infertile me’ period and I noticed I have not just become a fertile woman but has also become an infertility consultant. Gian’s pedia is actually trying hard to conceive and she would ask me about my TTC journey and my fertility treatments. My mom’s friend has been trying to conceive either and is trying to solicit advice from me on how I did it.

My former officemate, who I did not know was trying to conceive, also asked me about how I overcome that long infertility period.


Yes, I may not have the answers to their questions, but I tell them my story of overcoming infertility. My story may not have lots of drama and challenges but at least, I could share them hope that one day, they may also receive the miracle of Life.


Baby dust to all you who are trying to overcome infertility. Keep praying and of course, learn the many ways to overcome infertility.

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