Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who We Are

It was one fair October morning when DH and I met onboard a ferry that will send me to a place where my training was scheduled, and the place where he works.

There was nothing special about the first meeting except that text messages were exchanged after the first meeting, it led to casual dates until it blossomed into a long-distance relationship.

I08InLove After two years and three months, we got married.

We haven’t really thought about having kids right away. Not until after a year or so, but we did not also had any contraception aside from checking out the calendar once in a while.

Until we just forget about it.

But the baby did not come.

Now, after four years, we are battling infertility and trying hard to conceive. We have finally decided to check out what is the problem and so we decided to go to the OB-Gyne and Urologist for some series of check-ups.

If you are experiencing the same problem as we are, come join us in the journey of battling infertility and share your experiences as well.
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