Friday, July 23, 2010

My HSSG Results



pre instillation


P7220007 post-instillation

P7220009  spillage left and right


P7220003 results

I am so glad to see ‘patent fallopian tubes’ in my HSSG results. Of course, that means both my fallopian tubes are not blocked and there’s actually no problem with blockage.


Now We have to dig deeper what’s causing the problem. I don’t have polycystic ovaries syndrome or PCOS, which is a common condition of infertile women. I don’t have problems with my tubes. I don’t know what seems to be the problem.


. . . and i am really hoping there’ll be no more tests as intrusive as this one.


hmmm, yeah, we have a little problem with the sperm count and morphology but DH’s urologist said it can be remedied and there is a chance. It may be lesser compared with those having hundred millions of sperms but it still can work out.


hopefully.  Smiley-face-779143

Are my Fallopian Tubes Blocked? - The HSSG Process

Yes, there are cases that infertility is caused by blocked fallopian tubes – of course, that will hinder the egg from meeting the sperm.

Fertilization 101.

So my OB had to schedule me for an HSSG or otherwise known as hysterosalpingosonography (huh! that was long) to check if my fallopian tubes are not blocked.

For some, an HSG is done instead of an HSSG. This might be a little confusing though. HSG or hysterosalpingography uses an x-ray to check if the fallopian tubes are patent or unblocked. In HSSG, an ultrasound is used. The latter was the procedure i underwent.

So i had to take a 500mg pain reliever thirty minutes to 1 hour before the procedure. I did not take chances with a lower dosage (of course, i am allergic to pain). But i was a little surprised that the process was not really painful.

The doctor even asked me if i have experienced dysmenorrhea, as the pain can be likened to such, she said. But I for one has yet to imagine how painful can a dysmenorrhea be. I am lucky not to experience it and very thankful as well.

Although i did feel a little discomfort when the tubes ( a catheter i supposed) was inserted into my cervix and into my uterus. I felt more discomfort after the saline solution was injected into the tubes. I am thankful the doctor was so nice, she always asks if i felt pain and if i am alright.

The process began with a TVS ultrasound, then the doc and her assistant inserted a tube (catheter) into my cervix into the uterus and a fluid is injected into the catheter – which can probably tell if the fallopian tubes are blocked.

After four or five tries, i am done.

In a few minutes, i will be getting the results and i was not even feeling anything.

Not anxious. Not worried. Just reading the newspaper. Waiting. . .  22144-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Yellow-Emoticon-Face-With-A-Sad-Frown-And-A-Text-Bubble-With-Dots

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HSSG Today

Today is Day 8 of my second cycle and i am scheduled for HSSG at 10:30.

I got mixed feelings about the procedure, as the nurses said i have to take pain reliever an hour before the HSSG procedure.

what’s adding to my anxiety is that, i am feeling under the weather for the past days. I even had a painful stomach yesterday, i thought i could faint in the bathroom. Constipation is still a bother although i had BM yesterday. but my stomach is still bloated.

it seems that i have slept the entire day yesterday just to forget about what i’m feeling.

what’s worst, am going to the clinic alone for the HSSG. i asked hubby to accompany me and he just said 10:30 is not a good time to get out of the office.

so what can i do? i felt bad. yesterday, he went to a friend’s house to fix a webcam, and he was even able to go there at noon. can’t he just log out early? or work under time perhaps?

i’m so not loving this. 29638-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Sad-Yellow-Smiley-Face-Emoticon-Cube-With-Pouting-And-Frowning

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What’s in It for The Second Cycle



I am now in the middle of my second cycle with Clomiphene citrate. I was not actually minding my medications because i was so drawn towards finding the relief for my constipation.


I have kept my promise of walking on the treadmill every morning, but I am only up to 15 minutes. I’d probably make the 30 minutes gradual. My sweat is just all over my face even at the start of the 10th minute.


I almost forgot to take my fertility pills the other day. I even took it before bedtime.


What’s in it for the next cycle? I dunno. I sort of lost interest.. i don’t know.


Hope all these will over soon.  bored-anim-bored-waiting-girl-smiley-emoticon-000275-large

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Round, Another Fight

So, i had my disappointments. But i did not lose hope.


Now i have to start all over again for my next round of Clomiphene citrate. The thing i dreaded most is constipation when my progesterone rises during the luteal phase (that phase after ovulation and before the menstruation schedule). Oh, what a burden.


But of course, i have to do something about it. I’d probably start making lifestyle changes before this dreaded condition haunts me again.


With that, i’m planning to:


1. walk 30 minutes every morning on the treadmill;

2. get into a leafy vegetable-and-fruit-diet.

3. cut down on meat and bread.


images (1)Hopefully, all these will work.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How it Feels to be Disappointed

First round of Clomiphene citrate and it failed.


Just got my period today. A day early than the 26-day cycle I have been counting.


Now i know how it feels to be disappointed. Of course, with all the help from fertility pills, i felt a tinge of hope that somehow, this is the proper time to have that baby.


But of course, i know i do not have to treat the pill as my miracle drug. Everything has to be in its proper places to be able to make the fertilization happen.


As the first cycle comes to an end, it only left me constipated and bothered by this bad cramping all over my abdomen. Off again to my next cycle. but i have to do the HSSG this time.


I’d probably tell DH that he has to undergo another semen analysis so we can check if we got the condition perfect for fertilization.


Although i don’t really feel i lost hope, but this constipation and bloating is making me feel annoyed. At least, i can take a tablet for you now.


 sad smiley so sad.

12 Days Past Ovulation (12 DPO)

I was not too attentive with my symptoms today as i was bothered big time with constipation. I was able to poo yesterday but I was thinking it was not enough. So i had to take 2 sachets of Fibrosine before breakfast and drank lots and lots of water.


I also felt a little pain on my right side while walking. I don’t know if this has something to do with what’s going on inside my uterus or should i say, my stomach.


My breasts are still a little tender although my nipples are less sensitive than the first time i noticed the soreness.


I don’t know if i want to feel excited or anxious. Today is 12 days past ovulation and for some women trying to conceive, they are eager to take their pregnancy test even as early as 9 days past ovulation.


Not me. I probably don’t want to disappoint myself. So i choose to wait for the menstruation or Day 14 probably, to find out.


This two-week wait definitely is stressful and tensed. Although i have been feeling constipated, my nipples are sore, my breasts tender and i frequently go the bathroom to pee – i still do not disregard the idea that this might be due to Clomiphene citrate or the increase in my progesterone level.


But of course, the bigger part of me wants to see that big fat positive two days from now.






Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OMG, Blood!

Indeed. When i went to the bathroom tonight, i saw a very tiny speck of what seems to be a brownish red thing and i started to suspect it’s blood.


I had the same observation yesterday but i checked it out and i thought it was just the thick cervical mucus (CM). So i just shrugged it off.


Today, i finally found blood on the tissue paper. i wiped once. then twice . . . and still found the same watery red thing on the tissue paper.


i was tensed. i was really thinking of implantation bleeding and i really really pray this is not just my period. I calculated my 26-day cycle and i am suppose to have my next cycle on July 17. Today is two days before the start of my next cycle.


Now I know why trying to conceive is stressful. Especially when you are taking fertility pills and all.


Really really pray this is it.


080508-221635-958007Lord, graciously hear us. 





Saturday, July 10, 2010

Third OB visit

- had follicular monitoring through TVS

- big follicle ruptured, which means i was able to ovulate with clomiphene citrate. Hope the sperm was able to do its job.



The ultrasound result showing the ruptured follicle in the right ovary.


Indeed, a number of follicles developed after the first cycle of Clomiphene citrate


Largest follicle ruptured at Day 21, stimulated cycle


So now, i was at least happy to know that the follicle was able to rupture. Today ends my ovulation period as well and I am really, really hoping fertilization can happen anytime soon.



I also noticed i had constipation and was wondering what causes such. Folic acid does not cause constipation. In fact, it cures constipation. less than 1% of clomiphene users reports constipation as a side effect, but i don’t know if one can still get side effects 2 weeks after the intake of the fertility pill.


i’ve read somewhere that high levels of progesterone can cause constipation as it makes your digestion sluggish. 


my breasts are also tender and my nipples are sore as well.


Whether this is a very early sign of pregnancy or just a mere side effect of clomiphene, that i do not know. but i’m praying for the former though.




Hopeful. iwish-i-wish-wish-hope-smiley-emoticon-000268-medium

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Visit to the Urologist

As per advice of my OB-Gyne, we went to see the urologist today to ask for an opinion on DH’s semen analysis.

This has been our third time to visit the urologist’s clinic as he was not around during our first appointment and the second time, we just felt lazy to go there.

So this time, DH finally got a break from work and we went there at almost 6 pm. Glad to find out that we can still be accommodated. We were last on the list.

“Do you smoke?”, “Do you drink?”. . . goes the questions. DH smoked at times but when i told him that he’s got to stop smoking as soon as we start the fertility treatment, he agreed however.

He had chills and canker sores for a week – probably his withdrawal symptoms.

The urologist went on for another round of questioning.

“Have you impregnated a woman before?”

I smiled. Of course, the doc sought permission to ask the question. DH answered ‘No’.

After a few physical check-up on DH, he suggested ultrasound for him as well as another semen analysis after 3 months intake of a vitamin that can help with the sperm count.

In conclusion, he said DH can still have a baby. Although the chances may not be as high as those with hundreds of millions of sperm, but he still have a chance.

We went home with smiles in our faces. 300px-Smiley.svg
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