Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ultrasound at 5 Weeks


Yes, i had my first ultrasound with this pregnancy today. I went to the Doc this morning as I was kind of paranoid with the very light spotting i had yesterday and the other day.


So she suggested I had an early ultrasound and check the condition of my pregnancy.



*CRL - Crown to rump length i.e. Top of head to baby’s bum

MSD – mean sac diameter (gestational sac)


So glad the Doc who conducted my TVS was nice and he said everything is normal. He even told me they are having a ‘premium baby’ as i told him we were waiting for it for four years. and he said I should be taking good care of myself.


Although there is still no heartbeat yet, he said it is because it was still too early to detect it. So he told me to go back at a later time. Of course, my original schedule for TVS was on the 28th and i was two weeks early for that.


But glad i was able to see that there’s already the embryo and the yolk sac and everything else was normal. My OB told me to take Duphaston and Duvadilan to calm my tummy and to avoid the risk of miscarriage as well. Duphaston is said to make my uterine lining stronger for the implantation and the Duvadilan to calm the cramps i had in my tummy.


So glad to learn that everything’s okay though.


Thank you Lord. I pray that you will give us this baby and make her be alright and healthy always Oh Lord. Thank You Lord!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Recount of the Days Leading to the BFP



Dec 17 – had a bad cough since the other week!!! ovulation most probably occurred. this is a Friday, so most probably, i was busy working in front of my computer.


sperm at this time could have reached the egg. he must have been jumping with joy that he finally reached his destination…even if he swims slow.


Dec 18 – still busy catching up with work. pleasantly surprised to receive a call that a good friend got a big fat positive at 37. i was oozing with hope!


Dec 19– meet up with former officemates for a reunion. Two of my former officemates are pregnant at this time!!!


Dec 20 - busy with work, trying to finish everything off before the long Christmas break.


Dec 22- had painful urination and got blood on my urine! My oh My! UTI? not again! went to the Doc and he gave me the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. He asked if i was pregnant, i told him, i am not sure! I told him i am into fertility treatment and wanting to get pregnant. He asked about my last menstrual period and he said, you probably are not pregnant! grrrrr! he also gave me anti-histamine for my cough.


Took the antibiotic for 5 days. did not take the antihistamine though.


Dec 24 – traveled early to hubby’s hometown for the Christmas break. There’s not much activity for Christmas. Dear hubby is sound asleep…and everyone else as well. The thought of home suddenly came into me. I wished I was at home that very moment and i wanted to cry!


no signs of cough slowing down, so i started to pop in the antihistamine too!


Dec 25 – Went to church at 9am. Then back to my National Geographic marathon! (yeah, that boring…)


Dec 26 – Went out at night with DH’s siblings and cousin for a karaoke session. I drank 1 bottle of beer and my face was red all over!


Dec 27 – Took the ferry heading to my hometown.


Dec 28 – When we arrived home, my dear father eagerly told us there’s some faith healer who has a good record in healing infertile couples. My cousin and one of our neighbors are said to have conceived after being seen by her. He called the healer and asked her if she can come home at 3 o’clock. She did.


Palm reading followed. She also massaged my back, my hands, my butt and the back of my legs. For all i know, i was already pregnant this time! Glad she did not lay a finger on my tummy!


Dec 30 – second massage session happened. The healer did the same massage thing to me and to hubby.


Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve was a blast! Although it was raining, there was a lot of eating! Glad i haven’t seen any alcohol that night!


Jan 1 – Went swimming. I climb a lot of stairs and rode on a bumpy road for minutes going to the resort!! i was thinking about my period that is to arrive today.


Jan 2 – Meet up with the healer again for the third session. The same massage thing. She gave us Moringa capsules which are said to boost fertility. She did not mention if I am pregnant or not, but I am at this time!


3-hour bus ride and overnight boat ride back to our very own home. Sometimes i would help hubby carry the heavy bag we were lugging around.


The seas are very very rough during the trip, i ended vomiting for hours! DH went to the ferry’s clinic and the Doc gave him Placil for me to take. i pop it right away. Another pill!


Jan 3 – arrived Home very early in the morning and it’s raining! My period seemed to forget me now, but i haven’t forgotten it!


Got cramping in my tummy, so i thought it’s coming. But it disappeared.


Jan 4 – still no sign of period.


Jan 5 – still no sign. We were both anxious. I told hubby to drop by at the drugstore and get some Home Pregnancy Test so we can have peace of mind. At 6 p.m., we got a faint positive line. It made us more restless!.


Jan 6 – 5 o’clock early in the morning, we got a very clear Big Fat Positive!


went to the OB to check if all those antibiotics and medications i took matter to my baby. she said it probably won’t, as it was taken at a very early stage. Doc said i just have to get good doses of vitamins to make sure.


i was relieved.


Jan 7 – i don't know what has gotten into us but we did another home pregnancy test. Still very clear positive line!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Third Pregnancy Test in Three Days


Yes, we are into some roller coaster feelings and two pregnancy tests are not enough to convince our eyes.


We did another pregnancy test tonight, and even if we think the urine sample can be diluted already, we want to know if the results will still be the same.


Well, see for yourself.


01072011729 01072011726


The lines are more distinct now… and yes, we are indeed having a baby!


Thank you so, so very much oh Lord! Just could not contain our happiness!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Big Fat Positive for the New Year?


I got a faint positive line last night when i did the home pregnancy test, but the anxiety dragged on to the night. I woke up at 2 a.m. to go to the bathroom but i thought it was too early for another test.


I woke up again at 5 a.m. and this time, i decided to get the home pregnancy test kit and try once more.


Drop… drop….drop.


1 second…. 2… 3… 1 minute…..


and the red lines start to appear in the test kit. This time, the positive line is clearer than last night. BIG FAT POSITIVE!






The first thing i did was to grab my mobile phone and took snapshots of the test kits.


I thought Hubby was sleeping but he called out from the bedroom. He said he’s been awake by the time i got out of bed and he was actually nervous and tensed waiting for my reaction. But when he could not hear a thing when i got out of the bathroom, he called out.


We were not able to go back to sleep afterwards. He was thinking about buying a stroller and naming the child after him. lol.


It is my Mother’s birthday, and I thought breaking the news to her on her birthday would be a great surprise.


The news made them ecstatic!


Thank you very, very much dear Lord for such a wonderful Christmas gift! Love you Lord!




Home Pregnancy Test: Making Me More Anxious


27, 26, 29, 29, 29, 24, 29. . . .


I have been keeping track of my menstrual cycle length since I went to the OB for the fertility treatments and when i saw a 29-day pattern, i thought my first period in the year 2011 would fall on January 1 or at most January 3.


But it’s been 5 days after the first day of the year, and there’s no sign of menstruation. However, i have been feeling breast tenderness and soreness, my tummy feels like bloating and i have been having frequent trips to the bathroom, but these signs are not foreign to me since i was on fertility pill way back in June. and i always had my period after.


This time, I was anxious. Hubby was also anxious, and so i told him to drop by at the drugstore and get me some Home Pregnancy Test kits.


It was 6 o’clock in the evening when i tried the HPT. I know, it wasn’t the best time to do the test but just to put our minds at peace, i did it anyway…. but the results made us more anxious.






A faint line! My, oh my. Although I have read somewhere that faint lines are considered positive, I still want to see those bright red line so I can be sure.


I have been having frequent trips to the bathroom the whole day, and have been drinking a lot of water, so the urine sample could have been diluted, thus the faint lines.


But we have to rest our minds for now and do another home pregnancy test first thing in the morning tomorrow to make sure that we really have that BIG FAT POSITIVE for the year 2011!


Lord God, may this be truly positive! I love you Lord!




A Prayer


Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon us in 2010.


Thank you for the good health and for guiding me through a new career path.


Thank you also dear Lord for being with us in building this great relationship. We know there are trials and challenges that come our way but you are always there to shed light to those times that we seem not to understand each other.


We thank thee for the opportunities that we have in the past year. I was able to build a new career path fast; we were able to finally have our own home; dear hubby’s re-assignment to another place did not push through . . . and so many other things that happened to us in 2010.


Thank you oh Lord for hubby’s good health and both our family’s good health and good life. I know that you are always guiding and protecting us.

Although i lost a dear cousin last October, i know you are with him, welcoming him into your kingdom and giving him a life without pain and sorrow.


Thank you also for guiding our parents in their retirement and giving them good health and so much blessings. May they continue to serve you more now that they have more free time.


Thank you also for protecting us during our travels.

Thank you for the good neighbors we have. For childhood friends and relatives that never forget and always care.


Thank you also for the opportunity and the time that we finally knew what is hindering us to conceive, and we thank you that there are only minor challenges that we have to face.


I do pray that this new year will bring us new hope towards our quest to build a family.


We do really hope and pray that the new year brings good news to us and may this be the great year for us to be finally become a family. You have answered a lot of our prayers oh Lord, and we are very thankful for all of them. Although we are not worthy to ask for more, we fervently pray and hope that we can build a family this year.


Thank you dear Lord. We know we are nothing without you. Thank you very, very much for the good life! We really can‘t thank you enough for all these wonderful blessings.




Monday, January 3, 2011

Palm Reading and Fertility


My parents are actually waiting for us during the holidays, not just about the family tradition to be together during Christmas season but they are eager to send us to a faith healer who has a good history of healing infertile couples, including our neighbor who has been married for three years and my cousin who has been childless for so long.



… and so, my parents were eager. In fact, my father called and asked the faith healer if she can come over to see us right on the day we arrived home. When she met us, she asked about my age and asked me to give her my right hand and did some palm reading. She did the same to hubby’s right hand.


Then she told me my palm lines said I can have 3 children and hubby’s palm lines indicate that he can have two. We were delighted. Of course, we felt the positive energy oozing from this woman and with a good number of people who have been healed, we do believe she has a gift.


The healing session was actually very quick. It lasted for only about a minute for me and another minute for hubby. She only pressed some pressure points at the back down to the toes, including my buttocks area. She also gave us Moringa capsules from dried Moringa leaves, which I knew is a good fertility plant.


The thing is, we have to see her three times a month, so that means we have to travel back home to see her again in February. But of course, this is just a little sacrifice, and nothing is a hurdle when it comes to finally having that long-awaited baby.




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