Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is this really Implantation Bleeding?

I still had the spotting and I have checked online if implantation bleeding can last for more than a couple of days and i found out that some implantation bleeding can last up to a week.

Implantation bleeding is actually caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus, which can cause a little shedding of the uterine lining for some women. Although not all women experience this, one out of three do experience the spotting.

I am hopeful that this is really it, but of course, the excitement is not yet at its full level. Although there is a feeling of having some light-at-the-end-of-a-tunnel thing, i still have to wait for the big fat positive (BFP).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Implantation Bleeding?

Eighteen (18) days after menstruation.. .

I can’t believe what i saw. When I went to the bathroom today, i saw something brownish red and i could not believe my eyes. It was still 18 days past my last menstruation and it seems i am now starting again a new cycle.

but all i have are mere traces. nothing more like a menstrual flow. the thought of implantation bleeding suddenly came to me. I googled the term and it seems too likely. Of course, i don’t know what to expect or feel. I think it’s too early for a pregnancy test. For sure, there is not yet enough hormones that can be detected at this stage.

well, i still have enough patience for the pregnancy test. tomorrow, we will be going to the touristy island of Bohol for some high school classmates reunion and that would probably occupy my mind for a few days before i can do the pregnancy test.

My Life with the Little Ones


Even though I have been wanting to have a baby for more than four years already, the feeling of having kids around is never foreign to me.


When I was 18 and in school, I use to baby sit a young kid in the neighborhood.


Fresh from college, I got a work on the city and rented an apartment where my landlady has 2 small grandkids who eventually are my frequent room visitors. They would knock on my room and would tell me they just want to hang out in there. I painted them t-shirts with my fabric paint, and they seemed amused they kept looking for me everyday when they get home from school.


Now I am married and got a new place in a new city. Hopefully, this will be the place where I will permanently settle.


. . . and there are kids in the neighborhood, right next from the subdivision where I live. These kids are from poor families. They even skipped lunch because there is just nothing to eat.


They talked about their lives. Innocent children who just love to tell me tales about their families, ask questions, show me their dance moves and sing along with Justin Beiber on Youtube.


P1010030 lomo

one of the drawing sessions with the kids


So they are my companions at home when i feel too lazy to work. They even run little errands for me, and they even helped out when they see me cleaning the yard or doing something outside.


So when i remembered these three huge sets of colored pencils i use to keep in the storage boxes, I brought them out, give them clean sheets of paper and bought them coloring books and let them practice their writing and drawing. At times, i would play the guitar or the piano and we would sing all together.


well, i think i need to have half a dozen of biological children so i can have this fun drawing sessions. nahh.

Friday, October 22, 2010

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Semen Analysis: To Go or Not to Go


October is suppose to be the schedule for hubby’s follow-up semen analysis after 3-months of taking vitamins that my Ob has recommended. his urologist did prescribed him another vitamins but he ended up not liking it.


Anyway, i asked him about the semen analysis that he’d suppose to do but he just simply nodded, seemed uninterested. I know it might have been discouraging for him to know about the semen analysis results three months ago, and he probably does not want to feel that again.


so i did not bug him. anyway, if the semen analysis would give good results, we would eventually find out. if the vitamins was not effective, he would not probably go through the ultrasound that the urologist recommend him too. i just don’t know.


we’ve talked about this issue and he seems positive about it though. he just probably don’t want to go through those stressful fertility procedures.





Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am I Ovulating?

I think I just had ovulated today because of the egg white consistency of the cervical mucus. I don’t know. Sometimes i don’t want to think about it. But of course, I have to do my share as well.

Got to do my duties then!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Husband is an Addict


Several times, i caught him smiling alone and talking to him is impossible. You can’t talk to him as he will only answer you something way too far from what you would normally get.


At times, he would laugh alone, at times he is unusually too quiet that he seems shutting the entire world out and drown himself with his own thoughts.


At times, he would be jittery. His fingers pounding noisily on something.


He hates darkness.


The last time we had a power outage until the early evening, he’d become uneasy and he’d start thinking aloud about when the power be restored. As darkness starts to fall, he’d start walking to and fro, turning the switch on and off hoping to see the lights go on.


He probably does not want to go to bed in darkness . . . or he probably does not want to go to bed without the air-conditioning on. I never asked him. I would probably get another string of answers that need more deciphering.


Sometimes he hates noise.


He’d put on the headphones for hours hoping not to hear anything around him. He won’t even use the earphones and insisted on having that big headphones on his ears to make sure he does not hear a sound from around him.


Indeed, his ways have become disturbing. At times he just stares blankly on something and it could go like this for hours.  I sometimes find him stooping on his desk in the middle of the night without moving.


I don’t know what he is up to.


i don’t know what he is thinking either.


I wonder if there is a cure for Facebook addiction. Indeed, my husband is a Facebook addict, and  I don’t know how many husbands are addicted to this social networking stuff.

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