Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 15



at 15weeks5days


taken on the 15th week of pregnancy. In a couple of weeks from now, i would be back again to my OB for prenatal check-up.



Weight: 5-10 lbs

before the next pre-natal check up @17weeks.

Blood Pressure: stay at normal level

Foods and Nutrition: Drink AnMum everyday (even if my taste buds hate it);

Have more veggies and fruits on my diet;

Do the walking regularly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 13


Size of baby : 3 inches long; size of a medium shrimp

Highlight of the Week : my OB was able to hear the heartbeat on her Doppler; had 110/60 blood pressure and the Doc said ‘great!’

Wondering why : i lost weight! and why my nausea is not subsiding!

Doc’s Golden Advice : sleep on your left side to allow more blood flow to the baby. (i’m a side sleeper, no problem, but i sleep on my right, so i’d have to practice this for sure).


P1010026 14weeks


At last I am at the last week for the first trimester. Of course, that is a great relief as the threat of miscarriage is largely reduced and vomiting and nausea may start to subside as well.


Went to my OB today and one thing that bothered me today is that, i lost weight! my oh my! i am suppose to gain weight! i lost one pound for the first trimester and i wondered if i can keep myself on track with the weight i am suppose to gain.


Unlike many, i have been finding difficulty in gaining weight ever since. I was even trying to gain weight during the fertility workup as I know getting into your ideal weight is one thing that can boost up your fertility as well.


But i only gained a mere 3 to 4 pounds since i quit my office job and that is still 5 pounds lower than my target weight.


i was reading all over the internet and found out that it can be normal for some to lose weight or not gain anything during the first trimester especially if nausea and vomiting kick in.


I was relieved to find out though that my pregnant ex-officemate also did not gain any weight during the 1st trimester and she simply said, not to worry as gaining weight may be a little easier than losing extra weight during pregnancy.


Hope to see some weight improvements next week.

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