Saturday, December 18, 2010

She is Pregnant! At Last!

Okay, i am not actually alone in this infertility battle.

One of my officemates before got married a couple of weeks before I got married and we both battled with infertility after our respective marriages. The OB-Gyne said she has septate uterus.

She is five years older than me, thus she is more ‘obsessed’ into pregnancy testing and she’s even thinking of getting that operation to finally become pregnant.

This year, we’re into our fourth year of battling infertility and early July, she actually had a miscarriage. Although she cried over it, she is just consoled when the doctor said there could have been abnormalities if the baby did survived.

So she moved on.

. . . and part of her moving on, she called me twice, thrice a week to just share about our infertility battles and hopes.

This morning, i was pleasantly surprised when she told me she got a big fat positive on her pregnancy test and she was four days delayed. I could not describe what i am feeling. It was as if I am also pregnant! We almost screamed together on the phone!

She was 37 and this would be her first pregnancy. I was ecstatic and she said i still have a lot of chances to have my first pregnancy as well. I was happy also because of the thought that i do still have hope. My tests said I am fine and DH’s sperm count can be remedied, so there is indeed a good chance that hubby and I can have a baby.

. . . and this good friend of mine is just giving me a lot of hope and inspiration to also battle infertility with a good heart, with lots of patience and with lots of prayers to God above.

Thanks Jusan!

(Hoping Santa’s listening . . .)

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