Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcoming Baby Gian to the Christian World


Christmas this year is extra special. Baby Gian will also be baptized at the local Bradford UCCP Church. That’s one thing that made us  go to sleep early after watching some fireworks display on Christmas Eve. Church service starts at 9:30 and we need to be there an hour before, so everybody went to sleep a little earlier than our usual Christmas noche buena.

But of course, that does not stop baby Gian to feel sleepy during the service. lol.

Here are some photos of the baptism:



After the church service, we had a simple lunch at home and some pictorials with cousin Chummix, who also celebrates her birthday on the 26th.

At 10 days short to 4 months old, baby Gian was officially baptized Gian Jibril. Although the pastor mispronounced the first name ‘Jee-yan’ instead of ‘Gee-yan’. not a big deal but I find the former a little feminine.

Well, if you see a ‘G’ and a ‘J’ in a name, that probably hints that the G is not pronounced as ‘J’ coz I could have spelled it Jian Jibril if I wanted to. But no big deal anyway.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gian is turning 3 months old!


No, he still could not sit. We just placed him on a towel to help him keep upright in the sofa – just for the photoshoot.



[Choco Rolls and Egg Tart for the simple celebration]


Gian at 3 months:

  • he can now turn to his side and sleep like that for hours.
  • he occasionally lie on his tummy now
  • he can now hold his head upright, although there are times that you still need to support it.
  • he’s making a lot of sounds now. he even mumbles back to you when you ask him questions or when you talk to him.
  • he loves to listen to “Row row row your boat” and ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ on YouTube
  • he goes to sleep with “Rainbow Connection” Jazon Mraz version or “You” by the Carpenters – sung by Mommy of course!
  • he loves to play with Rusty the Robot, a Lamaze toy I bought shortly before he turned 3 months.
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