Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guilty - Thoughts About Adoption


OK, i admit it.


I was actually thinking of adoption before I got pregnant.  Not that i am bored living with my dear hubby, nor hubby wants a child desperately.


I just really love the idea of having a little girl walking beside me when i go to the groceries… or a little girl i would be dressing up every Sunday for church…


…okay, i am being biased. I would love a little boy too but for sure little boys won’t love the idea of tugging along with Mom when they reach 10 years old, or even younger.


We’ve talked about adoption in passing and hubby would want a relative if he would opt for adoption, he said. I for one was afraid about a lot of risks of adoption. but i am open to the idea.



… but actually, i was dreaming of a little girl that looked exactly like dear hubby. . . and i was thrilled by the mere thought of it.


now that i got pregnant, the thought of a little girl that looked a lot like Daddy walking along with me while doing the groceries always gives a smile on my face.



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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Third Prenatal Check-up - Stay Put!


Went to my OB today and as usual, dear baby’s heartbeat was fast. She’s probably excited to let me hear her heart beating. Yes, she’s probably a ‘she’.

I asked my OB if i can tell the gender of my baby through the heartbeat, she said it is just a pure old wives tale, but she nicely said if that can be true, i would most probably be having a girl.


17 Weeks:

Blood Pressure: 100/70

Weight gain: 7 lbs from the last weight. (so happy i finally gained weight!)

Doc’s Golden Advice: Stay put and rest!

(i actually asked her if it is fine to walk on a treadmill and she says it would be better if the treadmill is not inclined. in the end, she told me to just rest and stay put. anyway, we’ll get to the walking part later in the pregnancy).


So when i got home, i folded the treadmill and kept it in the corner. I would not be needing it for now.

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