Thursday, November 11, 2010

Implantation Bleeding and the Fuss About It


Implantation bleeding happens when the embryo implants in the uterine wall and indeed, it can be one of the very early signs of pregnancy. However, contrary to its name, implantation bleeding can usually be spotting as it is very minimal in most cases.


The ‘spotting’ as I would call it, happens usually around 6 to 12 days after ovulation and can happen around your next menstruation schedule, that is why a lot of women are confused whether it is implantation bleeding or the start of the period.


Usually, implantation bleeding can occur in two to three days but some women experience it longer than that. Of course, it can vary from women to women.


In my case, i had what i thought then as implantation bleeding 18days after the first day of my menstruation. Of course, any woman would be interested to know and most probably confused of such. Menstrual cycles are often 28 days in length. yes, it can vary, but as early as 18 days is something that is indeed unnatural.


The next day, it was there again. Until the third day. Then it stopped. I started to think that there is indeed something going on inside me. I was a little positive about implantation bleeding or spotting, as it was almost exactly what implantation bleeding is all about.


On the fifth day, it came back again. I was a little tensed. I have read somewhere that pregnancy tests during the time of implantation bleeding may give you a negative result as there is not yet enough hormones for detection in your urine. So i tried to be patient this time.


After a couple of days, i thought i just had my period at 25 days. After I took fertility pills prescribed to me by my OB, my menstrual cycle got stable at 29 days exact and it is the first time that it started early at 25 days, or should i say 18 days.


So, okay, another disappointment. If i haven’t gone to the OB for all these fertility tests, i would not be too paranoid of all these, but of course, nothing can make my mind at peace than knowing what seems to be the problem with these infertility battle.


Another waiting then, i suppose.


  1. Now I also know how it is to really get so disappointed... I also had a negative result just after I made my blog... there it goes that red thing we don't like to see for 9 months..*sigh*

    don't worry there will be another cycle to try again...


  2. Thanks for the comfort Claire. we seemed to be in the same boat in the past week. but indeed, there are still other chances ahead of us. let's just keep praying.



  3. I have a daughter who cannot have children due to a genetic condition. It has been a heartbreak her entire life.

    She struggles when her younger sister is pregnant and her sister now has 5 children.

    I do know the heartache but at least you guys have a chance. Hang in there and never give up.

    Dreams really do come true especially when we work on them. So sorry you got a negative this time.

    But don't give up!

  4. I have felt so many fixed feelings about not being able to conceive in the last 4 years. I sometimes feel being childless is just fine. We had a great marriage. but somehow, i also wonder what it would be like to have baby of our own. and indeed, it can be heartbreaking... especially when people started thinking that the problem is in me.

    thanks for the encouragement Jackie. indeed, we still have a chance and iam really looking forward to that.

  5. It's all about the waiting. I think us infertiles tend to be the most patient people in the end because we spent so long waiting for each and every thing.
    I noticed to are now a follower of my personal blog! In case you would like to follow my infertility blog here is the link:


  6. thanks Alissa. i sure will follow your infertility blog. love to know more people who are into the same journey as i am. baby dust to us!


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