Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Break from OB Visits


It’s been awhile now since I last visited my OB-Gyne after I had my HSSG at the fertility clinic and the results showed that my fallopian tubes are patent. Now I have been wondering what else is there to check.


I ovulated with the fertility pills. I do not have PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have patent fallopian tubes. My uterus is anteverted and I have regular menstruation. I haven’t even missed a period except once when I was so stressed with work. That was the time I thought I was pregnant.


Now, i am on my third month on Clomiphene Citrate. I took the brand Clomene as I haven’t found the Serophene brand that I took during the first month. I don’t know if different brands have different effects, but I am hoping I am ovulating just like the first two cycles I had.


For the next weeks, I am planning to have a long vacation off from work and off from stress as well. By the time I’ll come back from vacation, I would also be expecting results if fertilization has indeed occurred. Really hoping for that big fat positive when I came back.


For now, i just have to enjoy my vacation, get off my thoughts about trying to conceive and de-stress. Hopefully, this will also help the fertilization process.


I am thinking a little zip line adventure, ATV riding or gliding would probably be a great break from stress. Will find out!






Friday, August 13, 2010

Third Cycle, Day 1

Ok, today is Day 1 of my third cycle under Clomiphene Citrate.


That means I got the aunt flow today. But of course I am not surprised. As i mentioned in the last post, I had my HSSG last cycle and I was under Flagystatin – so there was no really planned and timed contact.


So now I have to count again.

Day 1.

Day 2 to Day 6 – Clomiphene Citrate

Day 9 to Day 21 – Fertile period

Day 22 to Day 26- waiting for results.


I really hope i would not do all this counting again next month. Enough counting the 26 days. i want to count 9 months.


But anyway, i will make DH undergo another semen analysis and probably scrotal ultrasound as per advice of his urologist. Then we have to go back to my OB-Gyne.


i went to my orthodontist today to let her check my braces and made some adjustments with it but told me to come back next month to check the results. It means i have to ply the city from doctors to doctors next month.


Good luck to me then! 


Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 Days Delayed




Second day.


and no sign of my period.


but i’m not yet going for the pregnancy test (PT). I heard Clomiphene citrate can lengthen your cycle.  



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ovulation Calculator – What Does it Say?


I have saved a bookmark of an online ovulation calculator to help me keep track of my cycle. You can check out this ovulation calculator if you want to try it.


Based on my last two cycles, the ovulation calculator tells me that my next cycle would start today. August 12. Last month, it came a day early, but now, I do not have my period yet. Although I am not expecting any good results for this month because I had my HSSG on Day 2 and I was also on Flagystatin for a week during my fertile period, so contact was not that very well planned.


So now, all i have to do is wait and see. My breasts have been tender, but I felt them before when i was on Clomiphene citrate, so there’s really no big deal about that. I also had cramps starting, so these may just all be PMS.


But i will be waiting. If the ovulation calculator is just delayed for just a few days, i’ll just wait and see.


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