Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to the Clinic for HSSG

went to the clinic today for HSSG. I was suppose to go back yesterday but had tons of work to finish and reports to send, thus i called the clinic and they said i can do the HSSG today, as the procedure can be done from day 7 to 10 after the first day of your menstruation.

i was a having a bit of mixed feelings when the nurse toC03ColdSweatld me to take a pain reliever 30 minutes to 1 hour before the procedure, so my sister sheryl and i went to buy Dolfenal at cybermall. took it at 11:42 and waited.

sad to say, the doc said i cannot undergo HSSG after she conducted the transvaginal ultrasound. There was a large follicle that has already developed in my right ovary, which, as i understand, is about to rupture. The way i see it, the procedure might ruin a good chance of fertilization in this time that an egg is about to ripen and possible fertilization could occur. As a matter of fact, my ovulation was induced with Clomiphene, a fertility pill. Besides that, contact was made a day before the HSSG schedule so the procedure might interfere with fertilization if there has been fertilization going on.

so the HSSG was deferred and off i go with only the results of the TVS.

another week of waiting. what's next and what's ahead, that i do not know. going back to the clinic and to the OB is indeed stressful plus the anticipation and the questions of what's next. i really hope and pray that pregnancy will happen with just one cycle of Clomiphene. i even hope i will not undergo HSSG anymore. and that's possible if i 'll get pregnant this month. just crossing my fingers and i do really hope everything will come out right.


and i know this can be possible with God's guidance.





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