Monday, January 3, 2011

Palm Reading and Fertility


My parents are actually waiting for us during the holidays, not just about the family tradition to be together during Christmas season but they are eager to send us to a faith healer who has a good history of healing infertile couples, including our neighbor who has been married for three years and my cousin who has been childless for so long.



… and so, my parents were eager. In fact, my father called and asked the faith healer if she can come over to see us right on the day we arrived home. When she met us, she asked about my age and asked me to give her my right hand and did some palm reading. She did the same to hubby’s right hand.


Then she told me my palm lines said I can have 3 children and hubby’s palm lines indicate that he can have two. We were delighted. Of course, we felt the positive energy oozing from this woman and with a good number of people who have been healed, we do believe she has a gift.


The healing session was actually very quick. It lasted for only about a minute for me and another minute for hubby. She only pressed some pressure points at the back down to the toes, including my buttocks area. She also gave us Moringa capsules from dried Moringa leaves, which I knew is a good fertility plant.


The thing is, we have to see her three times a month, so that means we have to travel back home to see her again in February. But of course, this is just a little sacrifice, and nothing is a hurdle when it comes to finally having that long-awaited baby.




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