Jan 2006 – got married at my hometown's Roman Catholic church. 

2007– was thinking of waiting for another year to have a baby 

2008 – another year wouldn't be too long

2009 – started to worry if the baby would come anytime soon. que sera sera.

2010 – started to think if this is the right year. Started to settle with the idea that marriage without children isn't that bad at all. but of course, it would give us peace of mind to know what's hindering us to get pregnant.

June 2010 –went to see the OB-Gyne. started with a series of fertility treatments.

July 2010  –praying and hoping the second cycle of Clomiphene citrate has taken effect.

August 2010 – still hoping for a successful fertilization

September 2010 – stopped seeing the OB after all the tests results are okay. Hormones are normal except for very high prolactin levels, fallopian tubes are patent, no PCOS, nothing unusual in the uterus and ovaries. DH semen analysis however had findings of severe ooligoteratospermia and slight asthenozoospermia. Pondering if I could go on with an intrauterine insemination (IUI) which will only give me a 20% chance of success.

October 2010 – another wait and see month. 

December 2010 – just totally clueless

January 2011 – BIG FAT POSITIVE for the New Year!


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